Spring Shrug

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Shrugs are still a popular go to item for every woman's closet. It's easy to slip on or off, and it's flattering on most all body shapes. I had a lot of fun wearing this oversized shrug with my black leggings and black ankle boots walking around Carmel, CA, but it's also functional to wear indoors just to keep you cozy when you want to stay warm and curl up to a classic novel. It's an inspiring color; I strangely feel like a shaman with my new shrug, hoping to call in warmer, milder days with its spring-inspired color. What advice would you give someone starting this project? This is a free pattern from Lion's Brand App! You basically make a large rectangle (scary because it looks like a big blanket) but then you sew up the sides to make sleeves. The above link will have you knit one panel, but I knit two panels, following the original pattern; I knitted 200 rows, making it a bit smaller than the XS, and this shrug is still swimming on me! This shrug is mostly done in stockinette stitch, so if you want to practice varying knitting techniques that you learned in this class, you'll get some practice AND create something cute at the same time.

What you will need

  • Lion's Brand modified the pattern I used (I knitted two panels
  • the new pattern has you knit one large panel
  • omitting the seam). Here's a free link to the recommended pattern: http://www.lionbrand.com/patterns/90733AD.html
  • US 8 / 5.0 mm / UK 6

Q&A with Cara Michelle

Patty Lyons asked:
Looks great. Did you replace the stockinette with twisted knit stitches to give it more texture, or is the pattern all in twisted stitch?
Cara Michelle answered:
After watching your video, I have a funky twisted stitch thing that goes on naturally - instead of knitting in the back of the loop, I knit in front of the loop. I changed up the stitching once I figured it out, but it was too obvious! So I ripped out rows and continued on with the funky stitch. Very good eye! I have so much room for improvement!!
KntMnstr asked:
This is really nice. I love the color choice. I am curious, what was reason you chose to knit it in two pieces instead of one? Was that the only modification (outside of cool look of texture from doing the funky stitch work; it nice). I don't suppose you remember the name of the yarn you used.
Cara Michelle answered:
Very good question, the pattern called to do so, but other women disliked that feature too. I personally found it easier on my wrists (the shrug is heavy!), it was easier to knit at the airport and the plane (I only worked on one panel at a time) and I wanted to practice hand stitching skills to bind them together. One last thing - many shrugs that are store purchased also have a seam, so I didn't think it would stand out too much by the general public.
phonicfrog asked:
Really pretty :) I could definitely use one of these in my wardrobe.
Cara Michelle answered:
Thank you, please, try the pattern! It is the perfect de-stress pattern, since it's merely a rectangle done in a stockinette stitch. I'm wearing the shrug right now, to keep me warm from the cool spring air. It's so much fun to wear own own handmade items.
vickic11 asked:
I'm making this for my daughter! Yours turned out so pretty!
Cara Michelle answered:
Excellent, what a wonderful, thoughtful gesture from her mom.
dteeter asked:
I really love the beautiful shrug you knit. I tried to find the pattern but was unable. Any help?
Cara Michelle answered:
I'm sorry the link isn't working for you. I have another idea, if you search on Google or Bing for: lion brand #90733AD, it should direct you there. I do hope you make it.