Skywalker (modified)

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What are you most proud of? I made very few mistakes

Q&A with danielcv

FlNaturalist asked:
Daniel, wow you have done a wonderful job on this. I love the yarn you chose, it shows off the pattern beautifully. One of thee days I will get started on this. Have you done the Clarus shawl yet1
danielcv answered:
Thank you. It is Madeline tosh merino light "Baltic". I used one and a half skeins, so I could have made it bigger. I started on the clarus a couple of days ago and I am using lace yarn this time around and it makes it harder, so I am only doing a little bit at a time
FlNaturalist asked:
I love the modification you did on this, it really looks like it "belongs" in this pattern. I woudl love to do something similar to enlarge the project
danielcv answered:
Thanks again. It took some planning! I found the stitch in a book called "knitted lace of Estonia"
Nilza asked:
Love this one too. I have taken Nancy Bush's class about Estonian lace knitting (interweave store.com) and it's nice to see Estonian lace incorporated into other patterns as well. Another well done. About time I started my shawl too! I'm scared!!!!! Lol.
danielcv answered:
Thank you. I just realized she wrote the book I took this pattern from!
immisceo asked:
That modification is amazing. I'm working on mine from the pattern right now, but you definitely have me thinking!
danielcv answered:
Thank you! So nice to get all these compliments!