Silk wrapped & knit bead necklace

Project Description

What advice would you give someone starting this project? What's nice about this combination is that the silk wrapped beads are very quick to make and the silk doubles as the stringing material, so even though the knit beads take a long time to make, it's not that time consuming even though it's quite a long necklace.

What you will need

  • Hand dyed silk ribbon wrapped around wood beads
  • knit beads and beaded knit beads. Magnetic clasp.
  • US 1 / 2.25 mm / UK 13

Q&A with Silverykay

Betsy Hershberg asked:
Wow! Okay, I need to know more about this piece. How much fun is this? :-))) Can you explain a bit more about how you used the silk ribbon to wrap the beads? And I'm assuming that you used a separate piece of ribbon on which to string these beads, yes? Correct me if I'm wrong. Love your creativity and it looks like your bead knitting/wrapping technique is first rate as well.This is just wonderful. Brava!
Silverykay answered:
Thanks so much for your encouragement, Betsy. I began with a long piece of silk ribbon & pulled the thread through the bead leaving only enough to knot & have a bit of length left. Then I kept running the silk ribbon through the bead center while wrapping the bead, overlapping the ribbon on each pass a pinch so no wood would show through. On the last pass through, I made sure to come out of the opposite side of the bead from that initial length. That left me with some ribbon on both ends. Sometimes I used that to tie with an adjoining bead's ribbon to have a knot and some bit of ribbon free, & if I used a long enough length of ribbon initially, I'd knot that to the next bead & also run it through the next bead as the stringing material. The challenge was that the bead holes were rough and would tear the ribbon if it I did too many passes through it.