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Created by: eprice1688


Great pattern, super instructions to go with it.

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eprice1688 made Shawl with:

Fiori di Sole Lace Shawl Knitting Kit


Fiori di Sole Lace Shawl Knitting Kit

by Romi Hill

Project Description

Great pattern, super instructions to go with it.

Q&A with eprice1688

Lorifinn asked:
My first shawl and I'm lost at row 9 pick up stitches What about the provisional cast on do you rip out the waste yarn?
eprice1688 answered:
Hi Lorifinn, on row 9 you kind of knit around the corner. As ist sais: ssk, k1, YO, k2 (these are the 5 stitches you worked on from row 1 to 8) now you go around the edge and pu as it sais: YO pu (4 times) plus one more YO. This gives you a total of 14 stitches. Now comes the trick. Put your knitting down with the started knit of row 9 on top. Turn your work clockweise 180°. With a two-point needle pick up the STITCHES OF YOUR VERY FIRST KNIT ROW RIGHT AFTER THE PROVISIONAL CO, they become now the rest of stitches on a left needle to continue knitting the instruction on row 9. This gives you then at the end of the knitted row 9 the total 19 stitches. Now you can remove the provisional CO. You can continue now with row 10 etc. as usual. With you success and joy with your work. Best regards, Elisabeth
Dunnscorner asked:
I just downloaded the pattern to review the supplies I need. The pattern asks for a steel crochet hook #5/2.25mm. Is this a non US #5 or a typo? I have a steel hook #2 which is 2.25mm, and a #5 which says it is 1.7mm. Or maybe the printed pattern to be sent (with the yarn) has the correction?
eprice1688 answered:
Hi Dunnscorner, It's a crook with the hook! I used a 2.25mm hook, anything else seemed to make too big loops. I also usesd knitting needls 3.75mm If you used for needles and hook the same unit, it should come out wonderful. Have fun. Best regards, Elisabeth

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