Rusty Blue Angel Shawl

Project Description

What was your inspiration? I like workshops.

What you will need

  • Classic Elite Woodland color 3185

Q&A with Spalover

DarleneIBrown asked:
This is a great colour! Very pretty
Spalover answered:
Thank you, I'm kinda loving it too.
Kitty Liz asked:
I like seeing this project in another color. Good job and very pretty!
Spalover answered:
Thanks, I'm more an earth tones person, but DD will love the blue yarn, I'll just have to figure out what to make for her.
trollbaby asked:
Nice color! Perfect for those early Fall evenings... :o)
Spalover answered:
My thoughts exactly. Thank you.
DarleneIBrown asked:
I keep coming back and looking at this shawl, the colour is wonderful and I am inspired now!
Spalover answered:
Thank you, after they fixed the pattern it really is not difficult at all, hope to see your's soon.