Ron's Lopapeysa

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I was very pleased that the sweater fit its wearer so well, and that he was pleased by the colors. I guess what I mean is that I am most proud of its being a successful gift. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Lopis are not really that hard. Raga, who has a class here on Craftsy on knitting a top-down sweater, is a great teacher and is full of helpful hints on things like successfully grafting the underarms, etc. Once you get over any qualms regarding knitting without seams (a lopapeysa is basically three tubes, attached at the underarm level to one yoke) - you will love not having to make those seams! The color work is fairly easy at this scale and whole thing goes pretty quickly.

What you will need

  • This sweater is made entirely from Alafoss Lopi
  • from Iceland. The exact colors are not currently available but there are similar ones.

Q&A with WowCarol

DaisyandFlorrie asked:
Wonderful - great colors and beautiful work!
WowCarol answered:
Janice asked:
Classic! what a beautiful job
WowCarol answered:
In Iceland people really wear these around, as everyday wear. It's amazing for a knitter to visit!
Sartorialist asked:
Amazing! Great job. Woohoo!
WowCarol answered:
Thanks! And he actually wears it, which is so gratifying. :)
jim.krist1222569 asked:
How Can I get all the Information on the Pattern and Material and size needles?
WowCarol answered:
Hi jim. I just went onto Ebay and typed in "Alafoss Lopi Book 18" and found one for sale. Here is the link as of February 8. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Icelandic-Alafoss-Lopi-Wool-Yarn-Knitting-pattern-book-18-/130845593237? You can continue to shop for yourself-- just be sure, if you buy the book, that you get it in English! It has been translated obviously, I bought it in English, but it was originally published in Icelandic. The sweater in my picture is #35 in the book. The pattern book is a bit costly but it has dozens of beautiful designs in it, for men, women and children. I would recommend, for an American, to substitute a bulky yarn that gives you the correct gauge, since Lopi (the suggested, Icelandic yarn) is kind of an acquired taste. Most non-Icelanders find it quite scratchy.