Project Cupid

Project Description

What advice would you give someone starting this project? Be sure to use charts on grid paper for your designs.

What you will need

  • One main color yarn and one contrast yarn. I use round 16 inch needles No. 5 and 8. Then I switch to double pointed needles No. 6 to decrease.

Q&A with asessa

pamamom asked:
I am new also. I would like to try this... where do I go from here?
asessa answered:
I added an update to the heart hats. Hope it helps.
DebiJ asked:
Yes, cute! I am new also. Did you use the No. 5s for a 2 x 2 ribbing, then No. 8s for the rest of the hat? Maybe the other way around, if you are going to size 6 dpn for the crown? The stripe at the top of the white hat looks like it is ribbing as well? Not a lot for me to go off of. I still need directions!
asessa answered:
Ok, I added instructions. Hope it helps. I do my own thing so I forgot others need more info.
beckylou asked:
How do you go about getting the pattern? I really want to make it but do you furnish the chart and directions?
asessa answered:
I added a chart/grid and updated. Hope it helps.
gmas asked:
Love these and would love the pattern, where can I find it?
asessa answered:
I updated the heart hats; hope it helps.
dee67 asked:
with the greatest respect - Anyone can put up a picture of pretty hats, then tell people to chart on grid paper!!!! Not really helpful!!!
asessa answered:
Sorry, I forgot that others need instructions. I just need to look at a picture and I get inspired by it. I updated the info and I hope it helps you.

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