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What are you most proud of? That I finished it ;) What advice would you give someone starting this project? Use lifelines as much as you need to -- I'm of the philosophy that you can never have too many! I bought a set of Chiagoo interchangeable needles part way through this project. There's a hole where the needle meets the cable that allows you to insert a lifeline as you knit. At the end when there were so many stitches in a row, I was inserting a lifeline every other purl row simply because it was so much work to go back and redo things.

What you will need

  • Blue Sky Alpaca Metalico 50% baby alpaca & 50% raw silk

Q&A with beadyiz

Mary Beth Loup asked:
Beautiful! I so agree about using lifelines.
beadyiz answered:
Thank you! So glad to hear I'm not alone in my dependency on lifelines ;)
City Racoon asked:
This is a beautiful shawl. I introduced your idea to one of my friend who ran out of yarn before edging and found out her yarn was discontinued. Owing to you, she will be able to finish her project.
beadyiz answered:
Aww thank you -- so nice to hear I was helpful!
City Racoon asked:
Using the hole in an interchaneable needle for life line is amazing!!!! I knew the importance but I was rather lazy. But you opened my eyes. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! BTW, don't you have the problem that the joint part of the interchangeable needle slips away while knitting? My first shawl (Anis in Knitty) ended up as a disaster somewhere between 300 sts because of the joint preblem. Ever since, I always check the joint while knitting. It seems the problem is common to all brands. Anyways, thank you for the idea sharing!
beadyiz answered:
So glad it helped -- my life was changed too! But I can't take credit -- Laura actually turned me on to the interchangeable needles. I signed up for her Juego MKAL & she highly recommended them. I chose the ChiaoGoo based on recommendations from her Ravelry group and this online review of needles http://www.knittersreview.com/article_tool.asp?article=/review/product/121129_a.asp I have had some problems with the joint starting to unscrew, but nothing like your experience. I just can't imagine how you must have felt! Life lines in general changed my lace knitting experience. I spent years trying to knit a "simple" lace shawl only to drop a stitch or miss a stitch or some other disaster that I just couldn't recoup from. Are you on Ravelry with the same user name? Mine is the same -- friend me, I'd love to see your work! Cheers! Wendy

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