Plain (not beaded) Knitted Bead Necklace

What you will need

  • Stash yarn knit over wood beads

Q&A with Silverykay

DaisyandFlorrie asked:
Very nice! I really like the different textures and that you used a handmade cord too.
Silverykay answered:
Thank you! It's a great stash-busting project.
Betsy Hershberg asked:
This is wonderful! I have never been a real fan of "fuzzy" jewelry, but you may just force me to reconsider my feelings... I too am a big fan of your use of the french knitted cord. Brava! And thanks for sharing. :-)
Silverykay answered:
I know what you mean about staying away from "fuzzy". I was concerned that it would be itchy, but it actually isn't. The yarn is recycled sari yarn and the silk is kind of matte, so it gives texture to the necklace without being too overwhelming in relation to the other knit beads.
faithintaos asked:
Love this... great job!
Silverykay answered:
Thanks so much. I adore YOUR work!