Created by: FilmnoirKate

Pioneer Cuff

You Can Make This

FilmnoirKate made Pioneer Cuff with:

Knitting With Beads

Online Class

Knitting With Beads

with Laura Nelkin

Q&A with FilmnoirKate

Spiritpeh asked:
I like this alot.
FilmnoirKate answered:
Thanks! I'm so happy that it turned out! Especially since the gold beads are from walmart and are all kind of uneven.
deeszoo asked:
The beads are wonderful the way they are. The unevenness reminds me of saltwater pearls.
FilmnoirKate answered:
Thanks! I've made a bunch of these now (I'm slow posting pictures!) for Christmas presents and I think this one is my favorite. The unevenness of the beads does add something, doesn't it?