Oversized Sweater

Project Description

What are you most proud of? After ten years of making scarves, I'm proud I pushed myself to learn new skills. The video format was a great tool for me! What advice would you give someone starting this project? I definitely guessed wrong on the size -- I now own a "comfy" hand-made sweater -- so I would recommend paying attention to sizing.

What you will need

  • Lion Brand Wool-Ease
  • Loden

Q&A with MarybethH

Veronica916 asked:
The sweater looks very nice :) Congrats!
MarybethH answered:
Thank you!
Amy Ross asked:
A great looking cardigan! Kind of can't believe all you've made before were scarves...what a leap.
MarybethH answered:
Thank you, Amy! I'll come clean and admit that I've made a hat or two as well. Thanks so much for sharing your expertise and guidance. This format really did give me the push I needed to venture forward!
Zenacrafts asked:
I think your cardi looks great! I'm sure mine will be the wrong fit too but I will wear it proudly because it will also be my first upgrading from scarves and hats too.
MarybethH answered:
Thanks for your kind words! I will also wear mine proudly. I was hoping to add to my work wardrobe but it's just as good to have added to my dog-walking wardrobe :) I'm working on another sweater that's more my size -- I think of the first one as my "practice sweater."
Cara Michelle asked:
I love your neckline here too. I would totally wear this sweater if I was a writer or a student. I love how comfy and casual it feels.
MarybethH answered:
Thanks! It's been very cold here and it's a good sweater to wear around the drafty house!