North Pole Project Quiltish Knit Blanket

Project Description

What are you most proud of? How good it's looking (at least to me) considering how new I am to this. How big a project it has turned out to be (due to my naivete) - and that I've been sticking with it (unlike several other unfinished projects of various sorts laying around the house.) Overcoming self-consciousness as a male knitter on a 'tough' urban trolley (where a good amount of my knitting gets done) to and from work everyday. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Do at least a rough calculation of the costs of your materials and time needed to complete your project early on. I instead bought three yarns that I thought would look nice together (and are probably a bit on the pricey side, though I haven't done much yarn shopping or comparing of prices) and then decided what I would do with them, not realizing how much yarn (and money) and time it would take. (I've been told I knit pretty tightly too.) Still, thankfully, I'm enjoying the process enough that I'm not all that concerned about the final project. (Well, some, but....)

What you will need

  • Basic organic cotton yarn in 3 colors from Blue Sky (www.blueskyalpacas.com): 608 ("yellow"?) worsted 100 gram / 150 yards cotton
  • 633 ("pickle") worsted 100 gram / 150 yards cotton
  • and 6802 ("gherkin
  • " mix of the yellow and green above) 67 gram / 100 yards multi-cotton.

Q&A with RiCo

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It's great - well done
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