no lace but top down raglan(thanksMyra)

Project Description

What are you most proud of? the cable going up the hood all the way What advice would you give someone starting this project? HOW to do the cable: The cable itself is 12 st plus 2 st in purl at each side = 14st plus 1 st each on each end. When you start you only knit the cable, start with 18 st total and on the wrong side you do as follows: slip 1. st, knit 2 st, purl 12 st, knit 2 st, knit last stich., next row and right side: slip 1st stitch, purl 2, knit 12, purl2, knit last st. repeat now wrong side row. Now - right side- you " cable": slip 1st st., purl 2st, slip the next 3 st. on a short two-ended needle and put behind the work, then knit the next 3 st off the left needle, now knit the 3 st. off the short needle, then slip the next 3 st. on the short needle and put in front of the work, then knit the remaining 3 st. off the left needle, now knit the 3 st. off the short needle ( cable done), then purl 2 st, knit last st. Continue to knit all st as they appear and then repeat the cabling in the 6th row, always a right side. In case you have never cabled just go ahead and try it, it is so much easier than it sounds! :)

What you will need

  • icelandic wool: ISTEX LOPI
  • www.istex.is

Q&A with maja.s.

Mfglaeser asked:
Love the cable! Wonderful execution of the project! Is cabling covered?
maja.s. answered:
I dont think that cables are covered ... I have only done half the course but the rest is I think all about lace. The cable I used is not difficult, here is how you do it:
maja.s. asked:
I am working on writing up the instructions for this, I am currently knitting it with some chunky NORO yarn and double checking my instructions ...:)
maja.s. answered:
ok... working on it but getting there. I am tripplt hecking but it is all coming together, will be in touch when ready :) You can be my test knitter!!??? :)
nanaofmany asked:
gorgeous work!!!!! I LOVE the cable!!! But I can't figure out how you do the cable on the hood, Is the sewing on the top of the hood? I am adding my first hood to a sweater I've made several times so I am a bit confused.. ;/
maja.s. answered:

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