Created by: diane.chic182024

Nimmy - my duct tape dress form

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diane.chic182024 made Nimmy - my duct tape dress form with:

Curvy Knits

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Curvy Knits

with Marly Bird

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Q&A with diane.chic182024

Nicolaluk asked:
Thank you for sharing your tips. I was going to buy some of the '"cheaper'" duct tape until I read this! What did you use to stuff her with? and how long does it take to wrap? lots of questions (sorry) but I have to try to get my daughter in law to give up her precious time with her infants to help me, so would like to give her some idea of how long I would need her for :0) Thanks Nicolaluk
diane.chic182024 answered:
Nicolaluk, I used fiberfill to stuff her (6 bags for 1X-sized body). Two of us did this, I did her first, then she did me. It took us 3 hours. If there is no goofing off, it should take about 1 hour or so to wrap one body. Good luck!

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