My (Not So) Itty-Bitty Giraffe

Project Description

What are you most proud of? That i finished it! You would not believe how many unfinished projects i have .... What advice would you give someone starting this project? If knitting in the round is hard for you on the small pieces (like the antlers) just knit them flat in stockinette and stitch them closed. That is what i did after several starts and stops and you can't tell any difference. :)

Q&A with CincieB

Trish Wheeler asked:
Awww! I love it- so cute! :-)
CincieB answered:
Thanks! It was really fun.
KCaudill asked:
This looks amazing! Great job!! I hope mine turns out 1/2 as good. :)
CincieB answered:
Oh, thank you for your kind words. This was a fun project and I'm sure yours will turn out great!
Sewswithrum asked:
Very cute! Looks awesome.
CincieB answered:
Thanks! Almost ready to make another in different colors. :)
LisaYH asked:
looks really cute; good job! :)
CincieB answered:
Thank you so much! this was just a fun project to learn knitting in the round.
SharonLL 24525 asked:
I just started mine - am so excited - this looks super fun!
CincieB answered:
Yes, this was a fun project. You will love it, i'm sure, and the teacher is great. Enjoy!

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