Created by: BethandJoy

My Life Cycle Blanket

You Can Make This

BethandJoy made My Life Cycle Blanket with:

Lace from the Inside Out: Advancing Lace Techniques

Online Class

Lace from the Inside Out: Advancing Lace Techniques

with Laura Nelkin

  • Spud and Chloe Fine yarn in "Red Hot". A set of size 6 DPNs that are plastic and lace tip that I am loving for this but can't remember for the life of me what brand they are.

Q&A with BethandJoy

KateB660 asked:
Hi, I was immediately drawn to your project because of color choice but the knitting really caught my attention. The center is very tight and the even stitching is just great.
BethandJoy answered:
Thank you for noticing!
KateB660 asked:
Just saw the fiber you are using. I was given to skeins of this years ago. Cleo in hot red. I have finally gotten around to starting an inventory of my stash, literally came across this yarn last night and I had no idea what kind of a project I could possibly knit. Now I know and will be as daring as you to show it off! Again, good work.
BethandJoy answered:
Oh nice, I really love the color. That is what drew me to the yarn first. Thanks again and I look forward to seeing yours!
adrianzagt244788 asked:
I'd like to know how you started the square I've met seen that before.
BethandJoy answered:
I made it just as shes shows in the video. It is a little finicky but as long as you can use a table or something to steady your needles to help you keep from twisting your stitches. Once I'm a few rows in I go back and take the tail at the middle and loop through those couple of beginning stitches and draw them together to make it nice and tight.

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