Created by: Katiezim

My First Slip-Stitch Afghan

You Can Make This

Katiezim made My First Slip-Stitch Afghan with:

  • US 10 / 6.0 mm / UK 4
  • Vannah's Choice

Q&A with Katiezim

Rhonda Fargnoli asked:
We would love for you to write a review of your beautiful work so far! You will be an inspiration to others!
Katiezim answered:
Rhonda, I was sorry to read the negative reviews. On the contrary, this project has challenged me to advance to the next step of knitting. For example, when holes appeared on one side, with the main log, due to needing to use a larger needle I spent more time experimenting with the end of the row stitches. Thanks for the motivation.
azknitbaby asked:
I just had to say I LOVE your afghan! Your stitches look so perfect, you must be a seasoned knitter. The colors you chose inspired me to really put a lot of time into the color scheme I'll choose. I hadn't yet decided to take the class, (I'm not sure I have the necessary skills... ) but when I saw your squares, it honestly inspired me to give it a try. I'd be interested to know the colors of Vanna's choice you used if you have them handy. Thanks, Michelle
Katiezim answered:
Thank you Michelle, I have been knitting for about 12-13 years. Lion Brand and Craftsy are the ones who made this such a great project for me, because they choose the color scheme. For example, all I did was order right from this site. Everything was sent right to me colors and all. If I wanted to change colors I could have, however I wanted my afghan to look like Rhonda's. Perhaps I spent a little on shipping and handling, but it was worth it to me instead of back and forth to a Joann's near me. Nevertheless, the best tip for me was how Rhonda conducted the class. She encouraged practice and sooner or later it will work. All the best in your knitting. Katie