my first crazy cardigan

Project Description

What are you most proud of? This yarn was bought on ebay, Germany. I have a box filled with yarns from someones aunt, who got sick, had to move and she werent able to knit again. Makes me sad and happy at the same time. What if I hade to give all my yarns away!! But also...I got A LOT to play with, thanks to this. With this in mind, I wanted to use as much as I could of the skeins and realized that with the crazy lace-method, I could make the body down to the waist, then let it wait while making short arms to se how much there was left, and then plan the rest from there. Have been using the cardigan a lot this summer. To lazy to go back and change the collar band, it got a bit to long, probably only knitters who will notice this though... What advice would you give someone starting this project? Try it, very rewarding!

What you will need

  • cotton/viscose blend yarn from ebay

Q&A with annaskapar

ShortRow asked:
Congrats on all your yarn! Your sweater is very pretty. I love the yarn... it looks kind of 'nubby.'
annaskapar answered:
Thanks! Took me some time to recognise what the missed stitches looked like - they kind of hid in the `nubbiness`:-)

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