My first bolero

Project Description

What are you most proud of? As a beginning knitter, I am most happy that from beginning to end, I have been able to enjoy the process because it was so well-explained. I was able to not only follow the steps, but also I became confident that I might add a personal touch if I wanted to.

What you will need

  • Luxurious soft Royal Tweed from LanaGrossa this time
  • home-spun food-coloured for the next crazy lace cardigan.

Q&A with maria.sch904901

Crafting Angel asked:
You did such a great job on your bolero that I signed up to follow you. I can't wait to see you post your next project, keep up the good work!
maria.sch904901 answered:
thank you for your nice comments! don't hold your breath waiting for next projects; I love felting, spinning, experimenting with fibres, working in the garden, I have my volunteering-jobs and 40 hour work... and then I like knitting too... And I wish you all the fun and heartwarming joy with this project; you will love it!
Fefie asked:
I really love your work ! Great choice of yarn too. I wish I would get the courage to finely start a project myself. :-)
maria.sch904901 answered:
Thank you for your comment! I was like you: overwhelmed by what I considered a huge task, a big project with many possibilities to go wrong and totally ruin it... I needed a different mind-set, just as with quitting smoking. Smile and start thinking of the GOOD feelings that you will soon have. Break up the project in your mind, and realize that you will learn many interesting new tips and tricks. Each one will help you succeed, and each one will help build confidence. Trust yourself. What is more: you will have a life-lesson after finishing this as well. You learn how to trust yourself. One big gift is knitting-knowledge, the second gift is your first bolero, the greatest gift is the fact that you can be so proud of yourself, just by continuing step after step! Trust yourself. Soon, somebody else will write her wishes after seeing YOUR first bolero! And then, like me, you can write about the lesson that you learned yourself.

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