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sabine.go1128633 made Moebius-scarf with:

Explorations in Brioche Knitting

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Explorations in Brioche Knitting

with Nancy Marchant

  • alpaca
  • silk

Q&A with sabine.go1128633

Lababla asked:
good idea to start and finish with a contrasting colour as non-brioche. I guess it makes it easier.
sabine.go1128633 answered:
No, it`s not the beginning. The beginning is in the middle onlly the finish is in the contrasting colour.
lcubed911764663 asked:
Is the beginning of the moebius noticeable with the brioche stitches? I've knitted a moebius scarf with thick yarn and didn't like the obvious stitches showing up.
sabine.go1128633 answered:
Can you see the line in the middle of the moebius? That`s the beginning. I began so as i would normally brioche knit.

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