Lots of short rows blanket.

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I love the bold colours and it`s the best thing I ever done for myself....UUMMM comfy and warm.

What you will need

  • I just didn`t know what to do with all this waste wool I had accumulated through the years
  • bags and bags of odds and ends which are a mixer of acrylics double knitting. I love this blanket
  • I use it all the time and put it round me in the evenings when it`s chilly just like a favourite jumper or dressing gown.

Q&A with L. Homer

Hilary.A asked:
How would you cope with different gauges of yarn, ie, dk Aran and 4ply in your stash?
L. Homer answered:
All I can suggest is to try a practise square and count the number of stitches and rows for each type of yarn and decide on how big you want your squares.....It is best to keep to the same type of yarn when ever possible because it`s less hard work. May I also suggest to make a small frame made from a piece of wood like a thick ruler with four nails knocked in 5 inches apart or 6 inches apart at your choosing, so when you sew you squares together they will stay the same through out your work. I manage six squares of knitting at a time on this ruler. Just hook the corners of your knitting on each nail wrong side up and sew the seams. I work into a 9 square block, then decide on how I would like the colours to even out before putting the whole blanket together. You can make this ruler smaller if you want to work in a four block by just adding three nails. Good Luck, let me know how you get on.
cking0043346684 asked:
L. Homer answered:
Thank you.
helenspr4879623 asked:
I would like to know the pattern
L. Homer answered:
I don`t really have a pattern. I make up a design in each square by what mood I`m in. Double Knit Cyrillic Yarn is lighter to use if your going to knit a big blanket and easy to wash in the washing machine.