Lap Robe -- Gumdrop

You Can Make This

DJV947 made Lap Robe -- Gumdrop with:

  • Herrschner's Parada Pom Pom Yarn
  • US#6 circular needles (40")

Q&A with DJV947

CarolLynnK asked:
fabulous. looks soft and cozy.
DJV947 answered:
Thank You Carol -- It is very soft and warm. When you work this, you basically end up with a double layer of the pom poms so it is about 3/4-1" thick.
hlarson67880936 asked:
Where is the pattern?
DJV947 answered:
There is no pattern. I watched some YouTube videos and decided what I wanted to do and then jumped off the cliff and started knitting. Only had a couple of restarts. Basically, there aren't a lot of choices with this yarn, but it was fun to knit. And quick too.

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Get your first class for only $14.99