Laera Shawl

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What are you most proud of? The finished shawl looks lovely. I always love a finished work of art. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Understand before casting on that this project will take some time. Have patience and worry more about how beautiful it will look in the end than how long it will take. Not only will your shawl have beautiful, perfect stitches, but you will rip out less often and not have to repeat portions if you take your time. The short rows make for good TV knitting, but you'll want to get the lace pattern memorized before reducing your focus while knitting. If you are new to lace or if you may tend to set this project down and pick it back up a lot, then I would recommend using a lifeline, as the rows in the lace section are rather long.

Q&A with iCram

Jag009 asked:
It is stunning! Well done.
iCram answered:
Beverly A asked:
This truly is beautiful! I see that it was a mystery knit along ... any idea how I can get the pattern? I promised a co-worker I would make her a shawl and this would fit the bill perfectly! Any help is appreciated!
iCram answered:
The designer's notes on ravelry say that it will be available for purchase on April 1st. Hope this helps! It does take a while to knit. I worked on it every night for a few hours after the kids went to bed, and I put in a lot of weekend time knitting it, too. It took me about 2.5 weeks to finish. Hopefully that would fit in with your timreframe, because the end product is gorgeous, and I'm sure your co-worker would love it.
nurturewise asked:
My goodness your fast! Beautiful! I wasn't sure I liked the pattern until I saw your pictures...you showcased it well...nice work!
iCram answered:
Wow - thanks! The garter stitch with all the short rows seemed like it was taking forever, but I really like the shawl. Especially as soon as I blocked it, it just bloomed and looks so lovely!
DGUP asked:
I too am knitting this shawl from Maine! Yours turned out beautifully. It is nice to see one finished that has a stretch of grey like mine.
iCram answered:
Always nice to meet a fellow Maine-iac! I really like the grey, though I do see that not all the other projects have it. In hindsight, there was enough yarn to plan the starting and ending colors as there was well over one color repeat in the ball and I had plenty left over, but I'm not sure I would have done mine differently.

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