Created by: Arianna Frasca

Lace blanket

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Lace blanket

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Lace blanket

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  • wool

Q&A with Arianna Frasca

SDonkin asked:
Hi, I've just bought your pattern which I think is amazing, but I need your help. I can't seem to get it right. Cast on total 170 stitches. Then in ROW 1 there are a total of 22 stitches outside of the *repeat*. That leaves 148 stitches for the total *repeat* section. Each repeat requires 16 stitches, and when you do that 9 times, you don't have enough stitches to do another repeat before the ssk, ms.st10 - but too many stitches not to do a repeat. 16 goes into 148 9.25 times... I'm confused... I am sure I'm doing something wrong, but not sure what. Your advice is appreciated. Regards Stephanie (
Arianna Frasca answered:
I've sent you an email. Thank you so much Stephanie! Regards, Arianna

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