Knitted beaded bag

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Actually getting a good rhythm going and tightening the tension to make it go smoothly. Also learning to knit with such small needles - I had a few cuts from them but mostly the fact that it is finished is what I am most proud of. It took several attempts at stringing the beads in the right order and I had to do the graft several times to get it right. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Patience, patience and more patience. This technique is really for the advanced knitter who is comfortable with small needles and cottons. Plus following a graft isn't easy either

What you will need

  • Beads Pearl cotton size 1.25 knitting needles Graft paper

Q&A with Decocrafts

eprice1688 asked:
very nice; is there a "starter-pattern"?
Decocrafts answered:
The pattern that I based this design on is found in the book Classic Beaded purse patterns by E. De Jong-Kramer
Jbee asked:
looks good will make this if problems will get back to you
Decocrafts answered:
I recommend that you use small squares of paper to show the end of each row. I also found using a magnet board and line to highlight each row to be helpful as well.