Knit Beanie Hat

Project Description

What are you most proud of? You can wear this hat with rolled up brim or unrolled and flat

What you will need

  • Lion Brand Homespun yarn
  • knit needles

Q&A with Dee Creations

gullcotta1392990 asked:
Can you please share this pattern? I make hats and scarfs for shelters and think teenagers would like this style.
Dee Creations answered:
Hello - Sorry I'm not used to working with patterns .. I have been 'creating' my own patterns for many years. This beanie hat would be great for teenagers I agree .. and it is so kind of you to help those in shelters!! I use circular knit needles making it easier for me to use my head as a measuring guide. This is a simple stocking stitch beanie .. all my custom orders are one of a kind. So sorry I don't have the pattern written down, I make 'notes' as I go along. You sound like an experienced knitter, I think if you use circular needles like I did, either size 5 or 6 mm - depending how chunky your yarn, and stocking stitch, you will be able to make this hat in many sizes !!
kjjunesy asked:
I would also love a copy of the pattern for this hat, please
Dee Creations answered:
Hi - I make all my own patterns, combining knit & crochet. For this hat I used the simple stocking stitch. I cast on enough stitches to go around my head and work from bottom up. I use my head to keep measuring and decreasing when closer to the top. I tend to 'wing it' as I go along, making any necessary adjustments to shape the hat properly. So sorry I don't have this pattern written down, or I'd be happy to share it with you !! Hope I've helped .. not used to working with patterns.