Irish Spring Cardigan

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I am most proud of the fit. Just as with swatching, careful measurement before starting the project is essential to a good fit. I raised the neckline by 4 rows because I didn't want a scooped look. I also put in one less decrease at the waist. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Just dive in. Have faith in the video class. Carol Feller answers all questions in a timely fashion and you'll have fun watching others as they progress through different parts of the garment. I included lengthy notes on my Ravelry project page, including a few challenges, but in the end, everything worked out. I love my Irish Spring Cardigan and will wear it often.

What you will need

  • Studio Donegal Soft Donegal

Q&A with Friedhash

Samandhannah asked:
Love the colour. Very tempted to make one like this. Looks lovely warm and cuddly.
Friedhash answered:
We just got through a blizzard and a sweater like this adds cheer and warmth all around.
MainelyMarie asked:
Beautiful job! I too, raised the neckline with additional rows...works nicely. Lovely cables!
Friedhash answered:
Thank you. I enjoyed knitting this and I learned so much.
Bonheur asked:
Excellent. Tres beau gilet .
Friedhash answered:
Thank you. I looked at your projects, very beautiful, too. You inspired me to sign up for Classic Tailored Shirt. I always wanted to be able to sew a nice blouse.
Desertbears asked:
You did a beautiful job! I am signed up for the class and have the yarn, just need the time..
Friedhash answered:
Thank you. As someone told me, it's not a race, so whatever time you can find helps you get closer to finishing. Enjoy the process. The cables were a lot of fun to knit!
Sueknitsnknits asked:
It is lovely and the size is perfect. I am now going to knit it from the same yarn.
Friedhash answered:
All that measurement up front pays off. I kept wanting to tweak the numbers (my waist is what???), but I'm very happy with the way it turned out.

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