I Just Made Your Crow Scarf For My Dad

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I learned how to double knit!

Q&A with AddSun

DaisyandFlorrie asked:
Great photo and project - Dad looks very happy! Love the colors.
AddSun answered:
Thank you! My color choice was a bit wild but I knew my dad would like it.
Alasdair Post-Quinn asked:
Fantastic! I'm glad you enjoyed the technique enough to try it flat.
AddSun answered:
Thank you! I love your class. You are an excellent teacher! And your book is a lot of fun too! I a. Blown away by the whole concept of double knitting! Thanks for getting me hooked!!!
ladytijeras asked:
Absolutely beautiful!!!
AddSun answered:
Thank you!
rigasgirl asked:
Beautiful!!! How long it took you to knit these scarf ? I just beginning mine.
AddSun answered:
The first crow I did in a week but then I got tired of the repetitive rows (probably should,have used the crow footprints in the pattern to keep it interesting.) I finally finished about 6 months later. It was worth it. I can't wait to see yours!!!
EBlack asked:
wonderful work !
AddSun answered:
Thank you! Now I am working on a double knit snowflake scarf. I think double knit is wonderful!