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NinaWithFreckles made Honeycomb with:

Explorations in Cables

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Explorations in Cables

with Patty Lyons

  • US 6 / 4.0 mm / UK 8
  • Wool

Q&A with NinaWithFreckles

Patty Lyons asked:
Remember your cable will look exactly like your chart, so after you finish a cable row, just compare before moving one. The first row of cables is perfect, you have a RC, LC, RC, LC, but things go off in the next row of cables, You are supposed to have a LC, RC, LC, RC, but you have a LC, RC, RC, LC (which is making the second one into a horseshoe, another lovely cable), etc. Use this swatch as your learning tool. Compare it to the chart and follow each cable and see if you can tell where the "oh, shoot, I crossed the wrong way" moments are.
NinaWithFreckles answered:
Ah that's it! Thanks for the reply, I'm not sure why it's so difficult to read the honeycomb pattern from the project itself, but the single cable was a lot easier in that sense. I think I did this swatch in the middle of the night, but will definitely make another attempt and then with more stitches.