Created by: LuAnn

Handwoven Alpaca Scarf

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LuAnn made Handwoven Alpaca Scarf with:

  • Alpaca yarn

Q&A with LuAnn

mo.sews asked:
I'm impressed! You do all kinds of things I wish I was good at!
LuAnn answered:
Thank you!
mitday1018706891 asked:
will you please tell me what weight alpaca yarn you used for warp and welt. Also is your pattern for this scarf for sale. If so, what is the price. Thanks, Judy Davis
LuAnn answered:
Judy, thanks for your interest. The yarn was a sport weight. This project was created on the fly when I was learning how to weave quite a few years ago, there was no pattern. You are more than welcome though to study the picture to see if you can figure it out.

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Get your first class for only $14.99