H.L.E. Homework 1

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Slipped Stitch Edges

What you will need

  • 'Kira Kira Cotton' purchased at Seria 100 yen shop. cotton 97%
  • polyester 3% worked on 4 mm needles. The yarn is a la-me (has a shiny blending filament running through it). A few shots I took showed a bit of sparkle
  • but it was hard for me to get a composition I liked and show any sparkle. If anyone has tips on how to photograph yarns/fabrics with blending filament
  • I would greatly appreciate the help. Thank you!

Q&A with Teresa Bolen

TangledMom asked:
Never mind-- I found the answer!
Teresa Bolen answered:
Yay! wtg TangledMom :)

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