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Glam Shells Summer Project!

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katie.tha874254 made Glam Shells Summer Project! with:

Glam Shells

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Glam Shells

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  • 100% Merino Wool
  • fingering weight
  • hand-dyed

Q&A with katie.tha874254

DAHNSC asked:
Katie, you have finished the Glam Shells. Did you run into a problem on row 25 of shells, that the double decreases were not in the correct side? When I do the first "edge" I am one short. When I get tot he next "edge" before the middle, I am one over, but the 11's are all over each other like they should be. So, I am wondering if the second decrease should have been on the opposite edge? Thanks. Donna in SC
katie.tha874254 answered:
You know I'm so sorry but I don't remember! I think I might remember that the pattern didn't explicitly call out some ws rows so I put them in there anyway and only did inc and dec on the rs. I'm really not sure sorry that I'm not more help!