Giraffe For my son

Project Description

What advice would you give someone starting this project? Persevere with the 4 pointed needles. There was a lot of swearing and fiddling at first when I was starting it (I have never worked with 4 needles before) lol. But the patience was worth it and I learnt a new way of knitting- so well cool,

Q&A with Nilza

JosieE asked:
He looks great. Love the colour!
Nilza answered:
Thanks - I already have the wool for the next one (my daughter has harassed me - she is 14! ) It is shocking pink and purple. Will upload in a month or two.
Tgene asked:
I like his face, the round eyes are nice, he looks very happy.
Nilza answered:
Thanks, he is still looking happy 2 years on.

Skill Level