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First sweater

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rjguay made First sweater with:

The Perfect Fit Seamless Crazy Lace Cardigan

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The Perfect Fit Seamless Crazy Lace Cardigan

with Myra Wood

Q&A with rjguay

SidraG asked:
Very nice & looks comfortable
rjguay answered:
It is thanks.
Wandalea asked:
I wanted to make one for my guy too--thot I would use a thick, tweedy yarn & Make-1 increases instead of Yarnovers, but he only wants pullovers, darn. This one is great!
rjguay answered:
Could you make it a v neck and join the front? Should work with increases just get the measurements right. Can be done.
all-thumbs asked:
Congratulation! For a first sweater, you did a fabulous job. Further congratulation for being a guy knitter. We all need creative outlets. I am trying to interest my husband because it is great way to zone out and meditate.
rjguay answered:
Thank you. As for your husband knitting..It will take time and he needs to find knitting on his own. I use it to fight stress and
Damsel asked:
Great Job!
rjguay answered:
Thanks, You also do amazing works.I admire people that create works of art.
Fairy Knitter asked:
Fantastic - I work with a guy who comes on our knitting trips to the wool shop - by unfortunately my husband will only model not par-take.
rjguay answered:
Well, your Husband is there and helping you. I love going to yarn shops with my wife. Get to see and feel good yarns. Plus talk to knitters and get good tips on how to's . I also pick out colors that are wilder than she does.Slowly getting a stash of my own. I'm a yarn have addiction. Can anyone help

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