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Created by: ladybugblue

First Grown-up Sweater Project

What are you most proud of? So far - using class concepts to fix a huge miss-crossed cable mistake

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ladybugblue made First Grown-up Sweater Project with:

Explorations in Cables

Online Class

Explorations in Cables

with Patty Lyons

  • Lion brand Fisherman's Wool
  • US 7 / 4.5 mm / UK 7

Project Description

What are you most proud of? So far - using class concepts to fix a huge miss-crossed cable mistake

Q&A with ladybugblue

ladybugblue asked:
After going through the lessons in the class I decided to take on my first "grown up" sweater. It has cables in it, and I'm trying it with fisherman's wool; I used scrap yarn for the swatches in this class, but the fisherman's wool intrigued me, so I thought it would be neat to try making a sweater for my hubby. I even SWATCHED a few times before starting! (And it didn't hurt a bit - wow! I blocked one and left the other alone so I can see how that will affect the final sweater). So, fast forward to last night. I was maybe fourteen rows into the yoke, when I realized one of the cables in the first row had been crossed incorrectly (4/4 cross meeting another 4/4 cross - so they went parallel rather than meeting each other). I debated about doing nothing - there's a big turtleneck that would hopefully cover it and no one would ever know...but the mistake was smack in the middle of the sweater front - so it would be noticeable...
ladybugblue answered:
...(by me at least!!) if the turtleneck didn't drape right there. ERgh! So I went for it. I pulled four stitches all the way back down to the start of the first cable (through another one), used a locking stitch marker to swing it around the other way, and started crocheting my way back up. It was a mess, especially as I tried to go back through the upper cable with my crochet hook. In the middle there, I nearly gave up and pulled the entire thing out to begin again (because by this time it was past the point of no return - my hubby saw the tangle of laddered yarn and just shook his head ;) ). But I kept going back in my head through all of the fundamentals you had just covered in this class, and eventually came out the other side! And it's fixed and beautiful. I don't think anyone but other knitters would understand the level of satisfaction this brought to me. So thank you - thanks for hanging in there on a long story, and THANK YOU for this class as a whole, and this segment in particular. Yayy!
Patty Lyons asked:
ladybugblue answered:
Help! I've actually gotten the body of the sweater done - yayyy! - but don't know how to get my yarn started now that I've picked up all my stitches for my first sleeve. Directions: with RS facing, join yarn and pick up 4 sts at the bottom of the armhole. How do I do that?