Fingerless Gloves

Project Description

What are you most proud of? These fingerless gloves are nice and warm and extremely practical. More practical than full gloves or mitts. Love them! What advice would you give someone starting this project? Leave nice long tails when you start each finger so you'll have enough yarn to tighten up any loose stitches.

What you will need

  • Dream in Color Classy

Q&A with HeleMcGe

rubysmom asked:
Beautiful--and they look perfect--I am soooo envious!! How hard was it? Had you made any others before these? What size needles dd you use?
HeleMcGe answered:
Thank you so much! NOT hard at all (I wouldn't choose gloves for my very first knitting project, but I think they're easier than socks). Just decide that you're going to knit gloves and there you go. I used size 8 needles (the Koliage square dpns Marly suggested) and the Dream in Color Classy yarn is a solid worsted weight. Nice firm feel, but definitely not too tight. Very happy with the project and now my husband wants a pair!
Marly Bird asked:
Great color! Great job...did you find the finger easy to make?
HeleMcGe answered:
The fingers were fiddly but easy. NOT the fault of the very good pattern, just 'cause fingers are fiddly. I keep thinking there must be some magic way of dealing with all those holes and ends, but I haven't found anything yet (I'm still looking).
Zhiting86 asked:
what kind of yarn you using for this project?
HeleMcGe answered:
Dream in Color Classy. It's a worsted weight 100% merino superwash. I've used it before and it's nice and durable. Great for gloves, I think.
Spalover asked:
Oh, you did a really good job. My DD wants some like this after seeing the full glove I did for myself, I'm glad to see they look so nice when finished. Congratulations!
HeleMcGe answered:
Thank you! They were a lot of fun to make.
patdenson asked:
What length of needles did you use to get the fingers done so well? I only have 7" length and they are terrible to do the thumb so I am looking for some shorter ones to do the fingers with.
HeleMcGe answered:
I used 6" DPNs and they worked fine. For the fingers and the thumb, I only used 4 of the needles (3 with stitches and the fourth as the working needle); normally, I use all 5 DPNs. Actually, I normally used two circulars, but was in the mood to use DPNs on this project. I imagine things might feel a little more in control with just the two circs, but the DPNs were fine.

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