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Faith's Sept necklace

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faithintaos made Faith's Sept necklace with:

Brilliant Knit Beads

Online Class

Brilliant Knit Beads

with Betsy Hershberg

  • seed beads ans DK weight yarn

Q&A with faithintaos

BiancaV asked:
BRILLIANT colours, fabulous, I cannot wait to see what you get up to.
faithintaos answered:
Thanks Bianca... some of the yars are too thick. I broke 3 big eye needles last night stringing beads. Then I also have some that are too thin in the mix, just trying out different combos. I love the experimenting part of this... I see you do too!
BiancaV asked:
Yes, yes, I am an experimenter. You should see the pile of fibre I have collected in the past few weeks. Try a carrier thread for yarns that are too thick, I see you have stones in the mix of beads, have you though of trying some of the clon or mastex/conso cords? I use those for micromacrame, and knotting with semi precious beads, I reckon that would work a tread, you can try to use some glue on the thread to stiffen up an "artificial needle" that way you are not trying to force something the size of a melon through a hole the size of a lemon.
faithintaos answered:
Brilliant!!!! Thanks so much, Bianca!

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