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Faith's beads

You Can Make This

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Brilliant Knit Beads

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Brilliant Knit Beads

with Betsy Hershberg

Q&A with faithintaos

Lovely mix of the different styles of knitting.
faithintaos answered:
Thanks... I ham having such fun learning how to do this!!! Are you in the class?
oldglory44 asked:
I love this, you did a beautiful job. I saw one of these in person and it was gorgeous, the first thing I noticed when the person walked into the room. I'm afraid it is way above my level of expertise. Thank you for sharing and reminding me of a very future goal!
faithintaos answered:
Actually, once you get the hang of it it's very easy. Try Betsy Hershberg's class on Craftsy. She is great at explaining each step in detail.... a fabulous teacher!
Suzanne Burke asked:
Really pretty necklace. What size do the finished beads turn out? ie: dime size, nickel size, quarter size...?
faithintaos answered:
Thanks so much... the bigger ones are 1" in diameter and the smaller are 5/8". It is a work in progress and will probably have 4 times as many beads. Will post another pic soon...
Betsy Hershberg asked:
Such a proud instructor here! These are beautiful!
faithintaos answered:
Wait till you see where it has gone! Will post by the end of tomorrow. I work weekends and have been knitting whenever I can squeeze in a minute or two... will be putting what I have together tomorrowso you can see. You have no idea how much I love this!!! Thanks so much, Betsy!
BiancaV asked:
Faith, Wow! The textures are brilliant, what a wonderful necklace. Yah, lady, the overall effect is pretty darn spectacular. Well done.
faithintaos answered:
Thanks Bianca... I just love Betsy's beads. Have a great color scheme for the next one! To be continued...

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Get your first class for only $14.99