Entrelac Infinity Scarf

What you will need

  • Debbie Bliss Cathay

Q&A with JudyBLL

cindyostr946248 asked:
I am interested in a flat scarf and i sent at note to Gwen with questions about it. can you clarify: if you don't want to knit it as seamless cowl, where are instructions for knitting on straight needles and making it just one long scarf? thanks much
JudyBLL answered:
Gwen teaches A, asa flat scarf (the textured scarf) as well, in the entrelac class--the textured scarf uses different stitches in each section of entrelac, but you don;t have to do that.. There is also a free pattern on the web at www.frecklesandpurls.com (although Gwen teaches it in a slightly different way).

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