Entrelac Blanket

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Oh I think the colors are warm and wonderful to have on my lap as i work. I also got away from the pattern for a bit which was fun. You can see larger shapes. It turned into a heart by total accident and I only realised it from this photo! What advice would you give someone starting this project? Entrelac is really easy once you understand the simple idea. I learned to knit backwards to avoid turning the work from front to back for each row.

What you will need

  • I am using Brown Sheep Lambs Pride in sport wt. I bought a ton of mill ends in grays and some bland light pinks. I then overdyed them without measuring anything. Once I wound them into balls i started putting them into color shades and then packed them away. Recently i wanted to use up some of my yarn and have a fairly mindless knitting project to work on. This is it.

Q&A with Carolyn Doe

KnittyMom asked:
You learned to knit backward? That is sssooo cool. Your work is lovely.
Carolyn Doe answered:
yeah. i don't know how to describe it. when you finish a row and the stitches are on the right needle, instead of turning the work over to the back and purling, the left needle goes into the back of the stitch on the right needle, the yarn goes around, and the new loop is now on the left needle.
volunteer9608445 asked:
Very pretty. What kind of yarn, and where did you get the pattern from? How many stitches did you cast on?
Carolyn Doe answered:
The yarn is Brown sheeps lambs pride mill ends that i overdyed with my own choices of colors.. the pattern is just the basic Entrelac pattern. I cast on 240 stitches.