Easy as Pie shawl

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I achieved the airiness and simplicity of the beautiful Maiden Brooklyn design by swatching the gauge and needle size. I love this shawl hanging on me all the time

What you will need

  • Rustik Garn from the Netto Discount
  • US 10 / 6.0 mm / UK 4

Q&A with Sussu

Nilza asked:
Beautiful. Well done.
Sussu answered:
Thanks Nilza.
ido asked:
so very beautiful. You did an excellent job. I don't think I am there yet. Proud of you
Sussu answered:
Thanks, it was a free pattern and there was no gauge swatch, had to experiment using a yarn at a reduced price - from the cart with all the odd things the grocer wants to get rid of.
Palival asked:
turned out beautiful! Did you find any errors in the pattern? having trouble with first row of Main Body. Should always have uneven number of stitches and evens out somehow on that row. I'm missing something.... Any advice helpful. Thanks!
Sussu answered:
No errors in the pattern.. You should start with 15 stitches here and at the end of the row .19. next row 19 stitches. Third row 23 stitches. Fourth row 23. On knit rows 4 stitches are added on purl row none. Always an uneven number of stitches as you are increasing on each side of the center stitch and on the sides -after and before the k2
Bonheur asked:
Very Nice edge. Bonne anne 2015
Sussu answered:
Same to you - happy knitting, sewing in 2015