crazy lace

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I finished it...! And, I am actually wearing it (not always the case with my projects). What advice would you give someone starting this project? This is a very good beginner project. Even people with little knitting experience, will be able to produce something wearable and nice.

What you will need

  • polyester yarn

Q&A with hangukin

CCaarrooll asked:
I love the variation you did on the neck. The rest of the sweater looks great too.
hangukin answered:
What I did want to add, but forgot to do, is that there are very wonderful free knitting patterns out there with wonderful tips and hints. Check out the drops website (google drops and knitting patterns), for anyone who's interested and isn't familiar with their website. All patterns are free and there are tons of it. Good combination with the craftsy classes (my humble opinion)
Bright Morning asked:
hangukin answered:
Thanks so much
Yemaya asked:
hangukin answered:
Thanks a bunch
Sussu asked:
Whaoh - an interesting and beautiful garment. I agree, this course is very inspirering, brings out the creativity in people. How did you knit the collar?
hangukin answered:
Thank you all for your uplifting comments. I fully agree with you, the course is indeed very inspiring and does give you room to play. I made the collar in seed stitch to make to avoid ruffles or rolling up of the hemline. You just pick up stitches around the whole border and at the neckline you start increasing to get the shawl collar (anyway this is my first attempt). I actually read a very interesting way to do a collar on a knitted garment (drops website) to dubble the thread to make it more firm
Fairy Knitter asked:
Awesome. Speechless and green with envi
hangukin answered:

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