Cosy Toe Slippers

Project Description

What are you most proud of? They're comfy and I did it all by myself. :) What advice would you give someone starting this project? People seem to be missing my statement above. This pattern is not online; its in a book. Kids' Easy Knitting Projects by Peg Blanchette. I borrowed it from my library when I was learning to knit. Here's a link on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Knitting-Quick-Starts-Kids-Blanchette/dp/1885593481

What you will need

  • Acrylic yarn

Q&A with freckleface78

jbaFL asked:
How do you open the pattern? Cannot figure this out
freckleface78 answered:
Its a book
LadyNV11 asked:
My mother taught me how to make these when I was younger. We knit them with two strands of 4 ply. Sometime in the same color sometimes with different colors. Gives a bit more cushion and warmth.
freckleface78 answered:
Yup, thats what this is, too; two strands of worsted weight. :) The other slippers that I didn't get a photo of had different color yarns together. For mine (the orange pair) I loved the yarn and wanted to stick with it. The other pair (red) my son picked out the colors and he picked two red yarns. hehe
annette whitbec asked:
could you give me the pattern? thank you
freckleface78 answered:
No, I can't. It would be a violation of copyright. Pleaes check your library or bookstore for the pattern.
ethel.bro285532 asked:
Do you have a free pattern for these slippers?
freckleface78 answered:
no. its not free. its in a book (name and author listed above).
Sjcmorgan asked:
I bought the book from Amazon and was curious if you altered the pattern in any way when you made the slippers? Did you change anything except the size of the needles when you made them for the children? I have 3 grandchildren (10, 6 & 4) and am trying to decide how to make them to fit. Thanks for any input. Sharon
freckleface78 answered:
With my 4 y.o. I used the reccomended size 8 needles. For my 10 y.o. I used size 9 and had to make his just slightly smaller than an adults. Since I made them for my kids and they weren't a surprise, I just knitted to the size the pattern said and then had my kids come step on the knitting. If your gift is a surprise, maybe just ask their mom/dad or some measurements at match that up to your knitting. I knitted rows until the were even with the toes, but I think they ended up a little loose. I was okay with that as my kids' feet grow fast, but if you want a tigter fit, maybe go a couple rows short of the big toe so they'll stretch slightly to stay snug. I hope you enjoy them! I just finished making a couple more pairs for gifts for my in-laws. :) I do reccomend metal needles for slipperyness as the double-strands of yarn would get a little hard to slip off my bamboo needles.