coat hanger

Project Description

What are you most proud of? The lace really adds to the charm of this project and you could change the smell by adding perfume What advice would you give someone starting this project? I added an iron on pellon to the fabric to add a cushion like feel to it if you wanted extra you could add more. Choose your lace carefully, you could use a coloured coat hanger instead, there are even ways to cover that part. please note there are instruction for the sewing part in my project not the computer digitizing as you read the instructions you can use any applique embroidery that you like trimming away the fabric and laying down the organza before finishing the embroidery

What you will need

  • cotton
  • organza
  • pellon
  • coat hanger embroidery thread
  • potpourri and lace

Q&A with Katammy

rarruda asked:
Is there a pattern for this project?
Katammy answered:
Make your own pattern.Lay your coat hanger down on some paper trace around add seam allowance to all edges , mark where the hanger comes out as you do not want to sew this closed you can hand sew when finished. Cut your fabric much bigger as you need to Embroider your applique design -for the applique remove the fabric and add organza, finish embroider PRESS carefully (I have started to press the embroider before removing from hoop -turn upside down on a piece of foam press the underneath using a pressing cloth I like to use silk organza)... . Now place your pattern on and cut out. You could sew lace along lower edge if it has a seam allowance- Sew the shoulder seams, clip and notch to help the seam allowance sit well turn right side out. Attach a bag of pot-pourri to the coat hanger. Place the hanger inside fold up the lower edges and edge stitch closed if using edge lace attach to the lower edge, and your done
judyrenan asked:
Wouldlove the pattern and instructions. Beautiful
Katammy answered:
Hi there I created a pdf of this project for DesignsBySick some time ago you can google "coat hanger with pot pourri" and download it for free
dschreffler asked:
Where did the embroidered heart come from? It looks like it might have been done with a wing needle. Would like to know this .....
Katammy answered:
The design I created on the computer and sent to the embroidery machine as an embroider though you could use other embroiders that might say applique but instead of adding a fabric you cut it away and add organza hope this makes sense

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