Created by: Cara Michelle

Classic Cabled Cowl

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Cara Michelle made Classic Cabled Cowl with:

  • Bulky Yarn

Q&A with Cara Michelle

jweideste176019 asked:
how did you adjust the pattern for a smaller size? Did you just make shorter by eliminating a repeat? Or did you cast on fewer stitches also?
Cara Michelle answered:
Hi, this is the same size as the adult. Although she is only 8, it fit her almost like a small shawl. I made another one where I used regular sized yarn, everything, including the needles stayed the same (although I found out later this could be a no-no since large needles go with large yarn), but it turned out to be stretchy, cute, and fun for all my nephews and neices. They loved them, and turned out to be the perfect size....the bulkiness of the extra bulky is too much for such a small age anyway.

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