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Clarus for class

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AltheaMarshal made Clarus for class with:

Mastering Lace Shawls

Online Class

Mastering Lace Shawls

with Laura Nelkin

  • Knit Picks Stoll soild in Peapod green..2 skeins

Q&A with AltheaMarshal

Joyofknits asked:
Lovely, and what a great shade of green! I still haven't decided on what color/yarn to do my Clarus in yet....decisions decisions. Thanks for the tip about stitch markers. I had a bit of issue w/Skywalker until I started using lifelines every few rows and stitch markers every pattern repeat. That way it helped me know exactly when I went astray. Alto tedious at first, I can't recommend using stitch markers & lifelines enough!! PS: Love your Cardi. Mine just came out of surgery a week ago for a bad aura hematoma on her beautiful large ear. Now the ear won't stand up :( Hope once it heals it'll stand to attention again.
AltheaMarshal answered:
thank you I really enjoyed the color while working on this type of pattern...I would recommend something tonal or single color.
Starr1226 asked:
Lovely color. What kind of wire did you use for the edged blocking? Is it special for crafting or just hardware stuff?? I have never seen that done before. Interesting tip. And, two paws up for your "wuppy" who is feeling better!!
AltheaMarshal answered:
knit picks set that has correct gauage of wire for blocking...worth investment as makes blocking easier and more fun
Penny Sue asked:
Great job. Nice to see KP Stroll used for lace. I have been looking at it for a shawl but hadn't taken the plunge. Definitely makes Stroll an option. Did you have any problems blocking because of the nylon content?
AltheaMarshal answered:
No trouble blocking and it wasn't too wet when I blocked it. Also having the pads on the table in front of a big window with the air coming over it meant it was dry in less than 24 hours.

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