Created by: Amadeit

Bridal shawl in pale pink

You Can Make This

Amadeit made Bridal shawl in pale pink with:

  • silk/merino (25/75)

Q&A with Amadeit

Sheila Zachariae asked:
This is possible THE most beautiful shawl I have ever seen! It truly is exquisite. Thank you for sharing.
Amadeit answered:
Thank you!:)
leenried asked:
where can I get the pattern?
Amadeit answered:
You can find the stitch pattern in a book titled PITSILISED KOEKIRJAD by Leili Reimann. But it is also used in "Laminaria" and "Echo flower" shawl patterns, both availableonline, both free. There is no written pattern for the last few rows, I improvised them as I went along.
manda1166075 asked:
this is stunning, one of my favourites.
Amadeit answered:

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