Boo's Folly

Project Description

What are you most proud of? The original pattern uses squirrels and I wanted to put Boo chasing the squirrels. I couldn't get the proportions right so I just put Boo in the yoke running. I liked the chart because it looks like he's running which he does with utmost joy. What advice would you give someone starting this project? I kept going when I was frustrated with a couple of issues related to operator error, not the class instruction; I had problems with a yarn dye lot issue, I had problems with my first color-work choice, and I had problems deciding on the pattern for the yoke and kept trying different ideas. I persevered to get the sweater to look the way I wanted it to look.

What you will need

  • Watch the class all the way through first
  • perhaps while SWATCHING. This will help you figure out if the gauge is going to work for your size. Keep moving forward with the slower parts because the color work part is coming...and it's great. Watch the hem video several times and keep it up while attempting with TV off and no one around...just my two cents.

Q&A with Jill C

TerrierMom asked:
I don't know which is the cutest, the puppy or the sweater! Of course it's Boo. This is darling and you have inspired me to do the opposite colors for my westies.
Jill C answered:
Let me know if you want the chart I used although I'm sure you can easily find one in Ravelry. Can't wait to see yours!
Marie743 asked:
Did you get the neck line to roll outward? If so, how? Mine rolled inward so I ripped back and did a ribbing, but I would rather have a rolled neckline.
Jill C answered:
Marie, I followed the directions from the pattern for the rolled neck precisely as written. I have to say I found the directions interesting...and they worked out perfectly!
TerrierMom asked:
Thanks Jill. I would love to have the pattern! My email is allenthegentle1@aol.com
Jill C answered:
Sent to you by email...
tab271961925 asked:
I like your Boo and your jersey too. Could you send me the pattern for my next jersey? Only the dog to adapt it Dont worry Im thinking in making it in a very different wool.
Jill C answered:
I will have to find the PDF file...my name in Ravelry is jillsey...please pm me there with your email address and I will send it to you. Thank you for your interest.
whorl-girl asked:
Love you sweater, and Boo of course...where did you get the pattern for him, I have a black mini-schnauzer named Georgia, and the profile in your sweater looks just like her.
Jill C answered:
I can send it to you if you want...I adapted it from a couple of charts.

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