Atyria Hat Swatch

What you will need

  • Cascade 220 Sport
  • US 4 / 3.5 mm

Q&A with adrienne_worah

adrienne_worah asked:
This is the swatch before working the pattern on the hat - definitely worth doing. As you can see, the knitting is getting more even towards the top of the swatch
adrienne_worah answered:
Which is now the finished hat :-)
QuiltMoxie asked:
Wow . Congrats .
adrienne_worah answered:
Thank you. I think this was my biggest technical challenge!
sofyann asked:
that is so pretty!
adrienne_worah answered:
thank u!
Nerves of Steel asked:
Fabulous! I can't wait to get started now and try it out!
adrienne_worah answered:
suggest go down a size in needles!