😄 First block bathed and blocked.

Q&A with Judy Keenan Harris

JEkern asked:
Very nice. I am just finishing my first block. Is your yarn acrylic? I was wondering how to block it. I was thinking of steam blocking it.
Judy Keenan Harris answered:
Acrylic yes. You can block the same as wool. I use those interlocking foam floor tiles to and protect the table. Give the knitting a good swish with warm water and a drop of dish detergent. Sqeeze water out by placing wet project on a large towel and roll it up. Leave it for a few minutes to let the towel absorb most of the water. Place it on the foam tiles and stretch it out to make it square and pin it down to finish drying the rest of the way. I got those foam tiles at the $ store and Walmart has big ones.
Pattimyself asked:
I love the colours you have chosen.
Judy Keenan Harris answered:
Thanks Patti. It's very interesting playing with colours isn't it!!! It seems that anything goes.